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Good cities are within our reach.

Take a scroll with us.

Convinced? Great! Let’s get to work.


We are a group of passionate locals who believe that good cities are not a thing of the past. We believe in beauty.

It has been done before, and it can be done again. We are fighting for good urbanism, timeless architecture and classic planning.

Street Level is a grassroots community and a not-for-profit advocacy organisation. 

Attend events and participate in tours and learning opportunities

Make friends and gain a sense of purpose and community

Fight for beauty in your local community

Leverage our resources, tools and community of experts

Have your voice heard by expert designers and policymakers


Join a chapter

Our chapter leads

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Zach, Melbourne

Zachary is a qualified town planner. He is interested in achieving a more humane built environment that is conducive to human flourishing through improved planning policy. 


Milly, Perth

Milly is an evangelist for beauty in the built environment. She has a young family in Perth and founded Street Level to make our cities more beautiful, humane and enduring.


Nishara, Brisbane

Nishara is a product manager at a technology company and is interested in how to build beautiful cities that endure for centuries. She is studying classic town planning.


Sam, Sydney

Sam is a trained engineer and architectural draftsperson. He is former policy advisor to the NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces and has a keen interest in the future of urban Sydney.

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Sean, Sydney

Sean is a community planner and social strategist passionate about making beautiful, timeless, and community-oriented places which help us find meaning in the cities we call home.


Jack, Northern NSW

Jack was raised in Byron Bay. He is a practicing architect and urbanist. Jack is deeply passionate about a revival in localism, timeless urbanism, and strong, engaged communities.

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Lucy, Sydney

Lucy is an architecture student seeking to learn about the technical and aesthetic richness of the world’s architectural traditions as a foundation for her practice. She hopes to share in an aspiration toward beauty with fellow students.


Cecilia, Sydney
Student Chapter

Cecilia is a student of architecture and urbanism with training in history, literature, philosophy and theology. She is fascinated by vernacular architecture, good traditional building and the possibility of reclaiming beauty in our public spaces through classical urbanism.

Will you start our next chapter?

We are looking for chapter leads in Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Gold Coast, Launceston and all regional towns.


Why should I do this?

We want to have a tangible and widespread impact on the built environment in Australia. Years in the future, we want to look back and be able to say:  


‘We changed the way suburbs and towns were built in Australia. We said yes to beauty, said no to ugliness and now we enjoy the benefits ⁠— intimate neighbourhoods with big trees, exquisite façades and lovely details on beautiful houses. Where different generations enjoy shared spaces in a village atmosphere and people fill the streets day and night; where people send their kids to school on foot and shop owners stop to chat with locals; where strip malls, flammable buildings, big glass boxes and ego-driven architectural monstrosities are nowhere to be seen.’

It has been done before, and it can be done again. We are creating the future heritage buildings and places of Australia.

This can only be done locally, neighbourhood by neighbourhood ⁠— if you don’t do it for your neighbourhood, who will? 

Support a more beautiful Australia

Your recurring donation will immediately support our mission and our research to make Australian places more beautiful and conducive to human flourishing by advancing good urbanism, traditional architecture, and quality building. Street Level Australia is a registered Australian charity and gifts over $2 are tax-deductible.




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