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Our ancestors knew something about sustainability that we have forgotten ⁠

The greenest buildings are the most beautiful buildings.

Forget smart cities. Instead, we should be building wise and beautiful cities.

Our cities are becoming uglier and less humane. How can we fix this?

A new housing development north of Perth is going to change the property industry in Australia

Jindee is a first-of-its-kind residential development in Australia that promises to change the way suburbs are built in our country — should policymakers and other major developers take note and learn.

Successful public places have these four things in common

It is obvious what makes a good place — indeed, good places are naturally ‘activated’ because people want to be there. Everyone knows them when they see them. It bears thinking about the root causes of expensive, abandoned, marooned public spaces and the lack of return on investment for citizens.

Beautiful cities are a human right

Why traditional and classical architecture and planning are essential to human wellbeing, by Milly Main

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