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Building beauty in Australian towns and cities, locally.

About us

Street Level Australia is an association of local groups working to make Australian places more beautiful and conducive to human flourishing by advancing good urbanism, traditional architecture and quality building.

Street Level is a fundamentally local organisation. We are currently active in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Northern NSW and Perth and working to seed the creation of local Street Level groups around Australia. See where we are active and register your interest in starting a Street Level group.


Start or join a chapter


Stop ugly, bland and soulless building and urban design


Advocate for the best kind of density ⁠— gentle density ⁠— for home availability and affordability

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Encourage beautiful architecture and resilient developments


Plan and build a city or neighbourhood that will last hundreds of years


Advocate for classic planning and human-centred places


Transform suburbia to promote human flourishing

Our objectives

Increase the proportion of new buildings and developments that will last hundreds or thousands of years ⁠— not decades ⁠— and get better, not worse, with age

Increase the proportion of new buildings and developments that are beautiful and accord with the preferences of local communities

Implement the traditional town planning approach in major Australian cities, municipalities and towns, creating at least three places in Australia with traditional masterplans by 2025

Sydney Is Beautiful

The Sydney Is Beautiful architecture and urbanism competition was established to celebrate beautiful architecture and promote the design and development of buildings that will be cherished by generations to come.

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New traditional inspiration

View our gallery of new traditional architecture, places and towns. All of our examples were built within the last ten to twenty years. Better is possible. Is your architect on board?

Upcoming events


Intro session

About Street Level

5 June



Walking tour


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Chapter meet-up


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Chapter meet-up

We are building a revolution.

We are building a revolution to increase the number of beautiful, quality and enduring local neighbourhoods, streets and buildings in Australia through local chapters comprised of people who deeply love, and are fighting to improve, their local area.

Unlike most revolutions, we intend to restore, not purge, the wisdom of the past.

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